Amidst a living environment where people come together in dynamic settings, functions and activities, extraordinary experiences happen. In the mixed-use area of Haptown, people engage, share and indulge in everyday luxuries. Beginning with their uninterrupted desires to shop and dine in the commercial district, as well as unite in the upscale community center, Haptown residents thrive in empirical recreation.

Retail and


A multitude of brands, boutique stores, world-class entertainments thrive in Haptown’s 24,000 sqm commercial promenade. With ultramodern architectural layouts, the premium destination is a buzzing center point, allowing for experiential lifestyles that boast energy. Contemporary designed facades highlight pedestrian-friendly sidewalks, where families, friends and individuals come together. Central plazas encourage the fusion of cultures and ideologies within vibrant surroundings, lush landscapes and open spaces. Additionally, retail shops overlook comfortable seating areas that are strategically furnished along the sidewalks for absolute comfort. While in the upper floors, internationally designed office spaces oversee the commercial area’s outstretched boulevard, to offer a unique mix of creative settings and dynamic environments. Within Haptown, this center point of cultural exchange, social leisure and retail luxury, narrates unparalleled stories of harmony, fusion and function.



Situated at the upper floors of the commercial area and nearby Haptown’s residential neighborhoods, the Business District is a center point for excellence. It comprises ultramodern office spaces that span an area of 49,000 sqm. Each bureau is designed with a futuristic mindset, where businesses and entrepreneurs thrive to plan, innovate and prosper. With outstanding layout, the spaces offer brilliant opportunities. Teams can grow together in creative setups, and strategic masterminds can compete across different fields and sectors. Not far from the town’s buzzing cultural hub, Haptown’s business area is a central function that fuses with communal culture, hence, surging with purpose, evolution and success.

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