A Word from

the CEO

“There is no greater pleasure than crafting family-centric communities where harmony and exclusivity translate into everyday life.”

For three consecutive generations, Hassan Allam’s family attained a proud heritage in crafting exclusive communities where families come together to enjoy the finest luxuries of life. Starting from lifetime unions to new births, our handpicked communities exclusively grow in prime locations, welcoming neighbors who would soon form lasting friendships. The family-like ties and hassle-free lifestyles that bind them together add a whole new dimension, not only to the value of our lifetime properties, but also to the true essence of life. Welcome to Hassan Allam’s circle of trust, where exclusivity, charm and harmony are synonymous with everyday life.

From our family to yours,

Our Story

Originating as a trusted family-run business in 1936, Hassan Mohamed Allam started his journey as a general contractor and achieved a series of evolutions throughout the years. After being nationalized in 1961, he established Hassan Allam Sons in 1972 under the label, Hassan Allam Sons for Construction (HAC). With over eighty years of notable expertise, the empire passes down its distinct legacy to three generations; whereby, its management team has proven to build what is celebrated today as one of Egypt’s top real estate leaders.

Since 2000, Hassan Allam Properties (HAP) has carved an enviable niche for itself as an exclusive boutique developer, building intimate communities where families always come first. Established by Mohamed Allam, a third generation family member, HAP has mastered the equation of private luxury and inviting hospitality, to exceed the notion of just building homes. We have achieved almost 6 million sqm worth of land bank and 13,891 residential units – both developed and underdeveloped.

Our community-centric vision and passion for individuality have both driven a wide portfolio of first-class residential neighborhoods, mixed-use districts, town centers and vacation resorts; thus,  offering unmatched experiences throughout prestigious locations across Egypt, with you in the city and by the sea.

About Us

  • Our Vision

    Innovating to lead by example in becoming the region’s leading developer of choice, by crafting intimate settings for communities to flourish, while experiencing hospitality and integrated living at its best.

  • Our Mission

    Becoming the region’s leading developer in providing family-centric communities that not only ensure the highest return on investment, but also guarantee to empower lifestyles of utmost exclusivity and convenience with unique precision and boutique quality.

  • Our Values

    Family Comes First

    For years, Hassan Allam Properties (HAP) has been crafting unrivaled experiences for families. Through its community-centric developments, every corner has been reinvented into an exclusive haven that stimulates a lineage of lifestyles, ideas and individual interests. Every  home at HAP’s developments is truly worth a lifetime investment. Within unmatched surroundings, our hand-picked communities grow stronger together, looking after one another from one heritage to the next. Our thriving communities are guaranteed unparalleled experiences, adorned with unconditional privacy, world-class hospitality and integrated living that last for generations to come, from our family to yours.

    Exceptional Quality

    Our aspiration to provide boutique lifestyles drives our passion for detail and unique artistry. By collaborating with leading names in the industry, we pledge world-class and professional excellence that aim to provide quality-conscious developments throughout every stage; from planning, design and construction, to execution, landscaping and property management.

    Uncompromised Integrity

    Hassan Allam Properties is rooted with solid partnerships and develops through honesty, transparency, fairness and trust. Based on these values, we continue to stimulate open-communication channels with our emerging global family of clients, while delivering our promises at all times.

  • Our Strategy

    Hassan Allam Properties crafts lasting family homes that reflect the unique lifestyles and personalities of its owners. While creating value for lifetime investments, we also promise quality-centric homes that last generations to come. Inspired by our boutique and family-run nature, new maxims for exclusivity and privacy translate into everyday quality living. Our commitment to selecting esteemed locations throughout Egypt, in addition to granting the best of hospitality and entertainment, provides momentum for ideal investment decisions, both in life as well as in the future.


  1. The Birth of Hassan Allam Construction (HAC)

  2. Nationalization of Hassan Allam Construction

  3. The re-birth of Hassan Allam Construction (Sister Company)

  4. The birth of Hassan Allam Properties (HAP)

    Phase 1

    169,420 m2

  5. Phase 2

    169,420 m2

  6. 462,600 m2

  7. 210,000 m2

  8. 210,000 m2

  9. Phase 3

    607,566 m2

  10. 147,000 m2

  11. 873,600 m2

  12. 126,000 m2

  13. 1,021,902 m2

    1,932,000 m2

Management Team

  • Mohamed Allam
  • Amr Gad
  • Ayten Anwar
  • Ehsan Faizy
  • Ahmed Eissa
  • Hanan Moselhy

Mohamed Allam


Amr Gad

Operations Director

Ayten Anwar

Investment & Strategy Director

Ehsan Faizy

Chief Marketing Officer

Ahmed Eissa

Head Of Sales

Hanan Moselhy

HR Director